Acrylon Filler MFR

Acrylon Filler MFR

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Paint company (buildings)
Paint company (industry)
Food industry, horeca or food retail
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Building company, contractor
Industry: metal, (petro)chemistry

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Micro Fibre Reinforced (MFR) acrylic paint

Product description

Acrylon Filler MFR is a Micro Fibre Reinforced (MFR) 100 % acrylic paint, filled with quartz. Therefore it has the following properties:

  • very good filling properties so that it is possible to close down the pores in cellular concrete, ytong....(necessary for outer applications, food and pharmaceutical industry...)
  • improved crack bridging properties thanks to the micro fibre enforcement

Acrylon Filler MFR can be overcoated with various systems:

  • classic acrylic systems (Libodur, Resacryl, Acrylon)
  • waterborne epoxy systems (Aquapox) for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Application area

Inner and outer walls

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