Aquatane Textur D

Aquatane Textur D

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Industry: metal, (petro)chemistry

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Aliphatic polyurethane paint in texture

Product description

Aquatane Textur D is a two-pack waterborne aliphatic polyurethane paint in texture(medium grain) finishing.

Aquatane Textur D is characterized by the following properties:

  • not yellowing (thanks to aliphatic character)
  • high scratch resistance
  • thanks to the presence of texture, defect in the surface (scratches...)can be blurred
  • good chemical resistance (against oil, detergent,...)
  • quick handling and hardness
  • easy to use
  • high hiding power in all colours

Thanks to these properties, Aquatane Textur D is the perfect finishing for inside applications on parts (machines...) where high mechanical properties and a good chemical resistance are required.

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