Cryltane CF Finish

Cryltane CF Finish

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Paint company (buildings)
Paint company (industry)
Food industry, horeca or food retail
Do-it-yourself, decoration, retailer
Building company, contractor
Industry: metal, (petro)chemistry

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Coating for facades and walls

Product description

Two component polyurethane coating, based on hydroxy- acrylic and polyisocyanate resins.
Cryltane CF Finish is used for the protection and decoration of facades and walls on mineral substrates, such as concrete, (asbestos) cement, masonry, textile fibres,...


  • high saponification resistance;
  • high chemical resistance by which the substrate is protected in aggressive chemical environments
  • low permeability for carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by which early corrosion of reinforcing steel (carbonatation) is prevented
  • very low water penetration
  • small adhering dirt
  • the coating can be cleaned easily

Application area

Walls, clean-rooms

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