Eco Degreaser

Eco Degreaser

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Paint company (buildings)
Paint company (industry)
Food industry, horeca or food retail
Do-it-yourself, decoration, retailer
Building company, contractor
Industry: metal, (petro)chemistry

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Universal waterborne degreaser

Product description

Eco Degreaser is a powerful, waterborne degreaser for cleaning and degreasing of strongly contaminated, greasy surfaces with the following characteristics:

  • strong surface cleaning and penetrative effect
  • very strong dissolving power for a broad range of contaminations (oil, grease, oil derivatives, soot, zinc salts...)
  • environment-friendly: VOC-free and biodegradable
  • not aggressive on the surface, so diluted
  • antistatic effect: thanks to the presence of cationic components the cleaned surface becomes antistatic
  • odourless

Thanks to these characteristics, Eco Degreaser is therefore extremely suitable as cleaner/degreaser for various surfaces (ferro, non-ferro, painted surfaces...) before painting, as well in industrial as decorative applications.

Application area

Ferro, non-ferro, painted surfaces...

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