Mixtane Spray

Mixtane Spray

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Paint company (buildings)
Paint company (industry)
Food industry, horeca or food retail
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Industry: metal, (petro)chemistry

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Performing polyurethane with eminent qualities

Product description

Mixtane Spray is a two-pack acrylic performing polyurethane with eminent qualities. Although these products cure by the surrounding temperature, they surpass the quality of stoving enamels in several points.

Some outstanding properties of Mixtane Spray are:

  • light stability
  • gloss stability
  • colour stability
  • thermal stability
  • chemical resistance
  • hardness, elasticity and abrasion resistance (see Tabor Abrasor tests performed by the laboratories Van Vooren
  • corrosion resistance
  • adherence
  • fast air drying or accelerated drying
  • easy to spray


Application area

Mixtane Spray is therefore used as a high quality finish coat for machines, furniture and synthetic materials. Mixtane Spray is available in various gloss degrees (high gloss to mat).

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