Mixtane Spray Sparkle

Mixtane Spray Sparkle

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Industry: metal, (petro)chemistry

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A two-pack acrylic polyurethane varnish with a metallic effect pigment.

Product description

The use of Mixtane Spray Sparkle on top of DTS  (in the appropriate colour) makes it possible to obtain specific RAL colours (RAL 1035, RAL 4011, RAL 6036,....)

Moreover, Mixtane Spray Sparkle can be used on top of each colour to obtain a "special" colour effect.

Although these products cure with the surrounding temperature, they surpass the quality of stoving enamels in several areas.

Some outstanding properties of Mixtane Spray Sparkle are:

  • gives a sparkle view to the substrate
  • light stability
  • gloss stability
  • colour stability
  • thermal stability
  • chemical resistance
  • hardness, elasticity and abrasion resistance
  • adherence
  • can only be sprayed


Application area

As adhesion and antirust primer on steel, aluminium, galvanisation and stainless steel Cryltane DTS 20 is recommend.

DTS 20 can also be used on other surfaces such as plastics, glass,.... Depending on the desired RAL colour, the primer is coloured with the available formula and then oversprayed with the right Mixtane Spray Sparkle.


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