Striking and sustainable restyling by Libert

Protection of concrete against carbonation and weathering

Finished bridge

Last year Libert Paints raked in a great project in Romania. The bridge in Craiova, one of the largest Romanian cities and capital of the district Dolj in the region Oltenië, was given a new look. Striking fact: this bridge is 545 m long!


The greatest challenge in the renovation of this bridge was to meet the requirement to protect the concrete against carbonation and erosion on long term. Carbonation  is a reaction that makes the pH-value go down and enables the reinforcement (= concrete degradation). To avoid this and other symptoms of old age, a great amount of the following paint was used for this project:


These Cryltanes belong to the range of building paints of Libert. Cryltane CF was the best choice because of various advantages:

  • the excellent protection of concrete against chemicals, weather conditions and moss
  • the long colour retention
  • good scratch resistance and resistance against detergents
  • the painted surface is easy to clean
  • the good vapour permeability

The bridge in Romania has been treated excellently for the next year.


Cryltane CF passed the QUV test with flying colours and herewith proves that colours gloss retention are guaranteed. But also in other tests, the paint was successful. Examples are the Algicide and Fungicide test and the Bacteristatic protection of coatings.


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