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Léon Deny starts producing decorative paints in the city center of Ghent.


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The brothers Joseph and Théo Libert bought the small paint factory of Léon Deny in the centre of Ghent. 


Theo Libert
Joseph Libert

In order to be able to meet the great demand, it was necessary to move to la larger factory on the outskirts of the town.


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gebouw HR

The four sons of Joseph (Paul, Daniël, Bernard and Marc) joined the family business. Thanks to their dymanic input and flexibility, the continuity and the growth of the company were assured.

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What started then, led to the creation of two highly specialized companies: Libert Paints, known worldwide for its one-pack moisture curing paints, and Oxyplast, one of the first producers of thermosetting powder coatings.

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the company is run by the third generation. Jean Jacques, who was already 15 years active in the powder department, is assisted by his brother Pierre. With this take-over a new logo was created to emphasize the new dynamism and the new impulse within the company.


Jean Jacques en Pierre Libert

The R&D lab focused on the development of high-quality products for specialized markets within the industrial and building sector of the global paint market.


Oxyplast was taken over by Protech Chemicals Group, one of the leading producers of powder coatings. As a result Oxypaint Belgium moved to a new location in the docks of Ghent.

Site Oxyplast

The most important speciality of Libert Paints remains the use of the polyurethane technology to offer long lasting performances. This technology has been used for more than 35 years and Libert Paints still believes that this is the best protection for metal.


With a highly specialized team that emphasizes expertise and knowhow, the company is further expanding its network thoughout the world. The production capacity has tripled since the acquisition.

In 2006, a collaboration with the decoration company Flamant was started. Libert Paints was the fixed supplier of Flamant-paints.

The R&D lab not only focuses on the development of sustainable products but also on the development of specialized products, which are applicable in Belgium as well as in other parts of the world.


Libert Paints launched a second brand on the market: Mona, a specialized line of decorative paints for private individuals in combination with a new colour concept with refreshing, new colours.

Mona logo 2015

Libert Paints opted for a fresh breeze with an entire rebranding. There was a new logo created, the labels of the products were restyled and also Mona got a new look.



The company became very active on the Asian market. With a production of more or less 3 million kilos each year, Libert Paints exports to over more than 30 countries.



Libert Paints moved to a new factory in the harbour of Ghent. In this new construction, the emphasis is on more efficient and automatic production, which ensures that high volumes are produced. At the same time working with high flexibility and a customized view is our top priority.


In 2017, the 4th generation of the Libert family has taken over the company.


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Then, the company previously owned by the Libert family was taken over in August 2019 by DL Chemicals in Waregem.


Aalterpaint assures the continuity of Ghent-based paint brand Libert Paints beginning 2024. The company, specialised in industrial paints since 1962, thus remains committed to excellence in the anti-corrosion paint market. Merging the skills and resources of both entities strengthens their capacity for innovation and opens the door to new advances in the development of products for various sectors.



One of our main concerns is the environment. Libert Paints has already been awarded several times by the Belgian authorities. Fedichem (Essenscia), the Belgian Chemical Industry, crowned Libert Paints in 1996 with the Responsible Care award. In 1999 Libert Paints won the Environmental Charter, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce.



All registered raw materials comply with REACH requirements. They meet all European / Belgian environmental standards regarding VOC. Libert continues to strive for the development of more environmentally friendly paint systems while maintaining the quality and functionality of its paints. All recent environmental standards are also respected in the new factory.


From Belgium to Norway to Singapore and China, through central and eastern Europe: Libert Paints always offers the highest quality and always believes in tailor-made flexibility!