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Resacryl Mat Velouté

Resacryl Mat Velouté is a high quality waterborne, fungicidal and algaecide, acrylic dispersion for outside walls.


Resacryl Mat Velouté has been subjected to severe tests (performance, ecotoxicity, humane exposure...) and approved by the Ministry of Health and Environment with authorization number: 5007B.

Resacryl mat veloute_2,5L

1L - 2,5L - 5L - 10L

White and bases A, B, C

Gloss 85° - 5 Gn

Lavability class 1



Villas, schools, houses, public buildings, walls of underground car parks, ...



Mineral surfaces, brick, cement, concrete, ...


  • Very high outdoor durability
  • Very high wet scrub resistance
  • Good water vapour permeability
  • Very low water absorption
  • Very low film tension
  • Good elasticity
  • An algae and fungicidal effect

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