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Resilox V1 Quartz MFR

Strong crack-bridging and water vapour permeable façade paint with limewash look.


The combination of a strong hydrophobic paint with low dirt absorption and the presence of an encapsulated biocidal product ensures ultimate resistance and façade protection.

Resilox V1 Quartz MFR

3,5KG - 15KG

White/base A, base C

Gloss 85° - < 1 Gn

Lavability classe 1



Villas, schools, houses, public buildings, walls of underground car parks, ...



Mineral surfaces, brick, cement, concrete, old paint layers, ...


  • Excellent water vapour permeability class V1: SD Value < 0.1m
  • Very low water permeability (EN 1062-3): class W3: < 0.1 kg/(m2xh0.5)
  • Good washability: scrub resistance 1
  • Good covering
  • Strongly hydrophobic: water pearling lotus effect
  • Excellent action against green growth 
  • PU reinforced


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