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Moisture curing one-pack polyurethane combined with micaceous iron oxides.
Due to the special lamellar structure of the pigmentation a very tight paint film is obtained with excellent water and corrosion resistance. The chemical inert pigmentation and the polyurethane binder provide a high chemical resistance.
Polymicace can be applied as an intermediate and/or topcoat in one-pack polyurethane systems.

  • Brush, roller, pneumatic or airless gun

1L - 5L - 20L





Siberian weather conditions, equatorial and tropical climates, maritime environments, bridges and locks, cranes, oil & gas, storage tanks, pipelines, offshore and port material, antennas, steel structures, cooling towers and other concrete structures, energy: high-voltage pylons, lifts, latern poles, transport: trains, trucks & buses, street furniture, agricultural machines, tools, ...


  • Corrosion test ISO 12944
  • Salt spray tests ASTM B117 and ISO 7253
  • Adhesion tests ISO 2409, ASTM D3359 and NF EN 24624
  • Weathering test NFT 34-550
  • Condensation test ISO 6270-1
  • Corrosion test NORSOK M-501
  • Chemical resistance tests ISO 2812-1 and DIN 50017
  • Impact test ASTM D2794-84
  • Elasticity test Erichsen DIN 53156
  • Immersion / freeze / dry tests ISO 2812-2
  • ...


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