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Durotop AC 55 Satin

Durotop AC 55 Satin is a quick drying finishing coating with rust preventive properties, for the protection of metals and can whether or not be used in combination with an appropriate primer and this in function of the kind of surace, the circumstances, the preparation and the expected lifetime.

Durotop satin_4L

1L - 4L

Colours from bases A, B, C, Y, R, O

Gloss 60° - 55 Gn




Villas, schools, garages, offices, factories, houses, public buildings, hotels, tools, fences, fencing, ...



Steel, ...


  • Good weather resistance
  • Good gloss retention (thanks to the presence of a UV-filter)
  • Good hardness
  • Good yellowing resistance
  • Can also be used as a primer
  • Satin gloss (60 ° - 55 Gn)


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