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Five tips & tricks for a correct colour palette

2 september 2021

A new look for your interior? These five tips will add beauty to your room.


1. Limit the number of colours

It is important to choose a colour combination that you feel comfortable with. Too many colours can make the room look chaotic. For smaller rooms, it is best to choose only one (lighter) colour and paint the skirting boards, walls, doors and frames in the same colour. You have larger rooms or prefer more colours? Then follow the 60-30-10 rule:


  • 60% dominant colour

You usually see this shade on the walls, the floor and perhaps in the largest piece of furniture such as a sofa.


  • 30% secondary colour

You use this colour to create contrast, and you will see it on most of the furniture, an accent wall, curtains or carpets.


  • 10% finishing touch

Use this shade for accessories, pillows, bedding, lamps, small furniture and artwork. With this, you bring extra depth and character to a room.


If you still want to go for four, five (or more) colours, always go for the 10% rule.

2. Choose your accent wall wisely

A striking accent wall looks best behind you and not in front of you. By this we mean e.g. on a wall behind the bed instead of on a TV wall. Ideally, you do this on a wall without windows to get the most out of your incoming light.

3. Take account of the floor in the room

The floor's colour and material have a major impact on a room. After all, the floor is a large surface and soon determines the whole atmosphere. Integrate the colour of the floor into your colour combination.

4. Choose the colours at a suitable time of day

Light changes according to the time of day. So check carefully whether your chosen colour fits well and combines with the incidence of light. To test this, you can perform colour tests on the darkest wall of the room and on the brightest wall. In addition, view this at different times of the day and with and without artificial light to make sure you see all shades properly. Are you satisfied with what the colour looks like throughout the day? Then you can be sure that you have made the right choice!

5. Take into account the function of the room

Neither should you underestimate the function of the room when choosing a colour. In the bedroom, it is best to choose soothing and balanced shades such as green, brown or blue. In other rooms, you can feel free to experiment with cheerful and inspiring, hip, trendy colours such as red, orange or turquoise tones.

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