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Painting the facade with the Resilox system

24 may 2021

If you are going to paint an exterior wall, you want a stunning result that will last for years. But choosing the right paint is not always easy. That is where Resilox comes in, a new two-layer façade paint system that allows you to give every façade a beautiful look and lasting protection.


Resilox, the new standard in façade paints

The Resilox two-layer façade paint system of Libert Paints has been specially developed to provide exterior façades with high-quality, breathable and water-repellent protection. It is a professional range with water-based fixative and primer in one, Resilox V1 Fixprim, and two types of wall paint: Resilox V1 Quartz MFR, a matt breathable wall paint with crack bridging characteristics and a limewash look; Resilox V1 Finish is an ultra-matt breathable wall paint based on a siloxane dispersion. Both paints are available in all colours. With Resilox, you have a complete system at your disposal to give façades a high-quality finish. Without splashes! That makes your job even more enjoyable.


The unique formula makes Resilox the new standard in wall paints.

Resilox V1 Finish

Very strong water vapour permeable façade paint with excellent early water resistance. The paint clearly acquires its hydrophobic character very quickly, so that both short-term and long-term water levels do not affect the paintwork.


Despite its hydrophobic character, Resilox V1 Finish is perfect for painting over.


The combination of a strong hydrophobic paint with low dirt absorption and the presence of an encapsulated biocidal product ensures ultimate resistance and façade protection.


How to apply Resilox

The Resilox façade paint system is easy to apply on any mineral substrate and requires little preparation. With standard application on stable surfaces, first make sure you  have removed all impurities from the surface. If necessary, apply Fungex to make the façade moss-resistant, let it soak and then rinse the façade. Next, apply one coat of Resilox V1 Fixprim. If there are any cracks and fissures, apply one intermediate coat of Resilox V1 Quartz MFR before finishing with one or two layers of Resilox V1 Finish. If you want to give your façade a limewash look, then finish with two layers of Resilox V1 Quartz MFR.


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