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Tips & tricks: painting indoors

23 february 2023

A new look for your interior? These five tips will add beauty to your room.Thinking of giving your interior a total makeover? Follow our tips & tricks and get a new look in your home in no time!


1. Prepare your home for painting

Put your furniture in another room or together in the middle of the room and put old sheets over them to protect them from paint splatters. For the same reason, don't forget to cover your floor as well. Finally, it's best to tape off baseboards, doors and window frames.

Walls that are already well painted can easily be washed off with water, but drywall walls, for example, must be sanded. It is time-consuming, but necessary to achieve a good result. If the walls need to be degreased, use Libert Eco Degreaser. Then apply a good coat of primer to the walls in preparation for the final color.

2. Choose a quality paint in the right gloss

High-quality paint is very important for a perfectly smooth result. Therefore, choose Libert Paints' Liboclass paint. A high-quality, water-based interior wall paint, developed in

matte and satin version, based on acrylic dispersion.

High-quality semi-gloss colors for interior walls, for example, are interesting because they can be washed away. The matte finish also provides a slightly warmer look.

3. Sequence of works

If you plan to paint both the ceiling and walls, always start from the ceiling. Finish it completely (primer and topcoats) and then move on to the walls. If you also plan to paint the windows and doors, put this at the top of your list. Do the floor last.

First paint the corners, edges with a brush. Dip the roller into the paint and roll it over the grid a few times to distribute the paint evenly. Don't be too economical with the paint, but also make sure the paint doesn't drip off the roller. Work on areas of +/- 1m2. First place vertical strips on the wall. Then cross it horizontally to spread the color evenly over the surface and finally finish vertically again. Repeat steps 2-5 times, slightly overlapping the previous layer.

4. Don’t forget the finish

Remove the masking tape while the paint dries for a nicer finish at the edges. It is better not to wait until the paint is completely dry. Also, clean the paint material immediately after finishing. This way it will last longer and you can reuse it later.

Do you see damage in the applied paint layer? Do you see a hole or damage in the wall? If so, repair it first. Then dilute the paint with water and touch the spot very thinly. This will prevent thickening an make the surface smooth.


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