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Tips & tricks: painting during the great spring cleaning

20 march 2023

Somewhere in your home there may be a corner you need to repaint. Spring is the ideal time to get that job done. It's not too hot yet, so the paint can't dry too quickly (18 degrees inside is a good temperature for painting).


But if you want your paint job to succeed, it's best to start with a clean & grease-free surface. Dirt and grease are not friends of paint. They prevent the paint from adhering properly. The paint layer may later come off, change color or stains may appear.

By cleaning and degreasing beforehand, you prevent this and create the perfect foundation for lasting results. No better time to do this during your big spring cleaning.

When to degrease?

If you want to paint wood, tile or walls and ceilings, then cleaning and degreasing is always the first step. It is important that you do this before sanding. If you start sanding without cleaning and degreasing, you will sand dirt and grease onto the surface and all your work will be for naught because the paint will still not adhere properly. Also, your sandpaper will last a little longer if it doesn't have to pick up dirt and grease. Afterwards, it is enough to remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner and very fine dust with a duster.

How do you clean and remove grease from a surface?

Choose Libert Eco Degreaser. The Libert Eco Degreaser is a powerful, water-based for cleaning and degreasing heavily soiled, greasy surfaces. It is a multi-purpose degreaser that contains no ammonia or chlorine. You will easily remove grease from almost any surface. Because the product is so concentrated, you don't need much to get great results. In addition, it also works very quickly.

These tips and tricks summed up:

  1. Wash & degrease the walls: Use Libert Eco Degreaser to degrease the walls. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrub brushes that can damage the wall surface.


  1. Dust the walls: Use a clean, dry cloth, sandpaper or a vacuum with a soft brush to remove any dust or loose dirt from the wall surface. Dust can interfere with paint adhesion and cause the paint to peel off.


  1. Rinse the walls: Rinse the walls thoroughly with clean water to remove residual product. Wipe off excess water with a clean towel or cloth.


  1. Repair any damage: Check for cracks, holes or other damage to the wall surface. Use putty or plaster to fill the holes and sand the surface smooth. Let everything dry completely before painting.

With these tips and tricks, you can make sure your walls are clean, smooth and paint-ready.

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