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Hydroprim is a quick drying, odourless, universal water thinnable primer that impregnates, fixes and isolates. Hydroprim is a universal primer that can also be used as a top coat.


1L - 2,5L - 5L - 10L

White, bases A, B, C

Gloss 85° - 10 Gn

Lavability class 1



Villas, schools, garages, offices, factories, homes, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, clean rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, trendy interior and design, ... Interior walls (All in one Primer and Finish), Exterior walls (Primer)


Remarkable adhesion properties on:

  • mineral surfaces (plaster, concrete, brick,..)
  • wood and old paint layers
  • galvanised surfaces
  • lots of plastics (PVC, polystyrene, PU-foam,..)
  • OSB plates


  • Isolates contamination and discoloration such as nicotine, wood tannins, soot and moisture stains if the cause of contamination has been removed
  • Impregnates the substrate before glass fiber or wallpaper is applied
  • Lavability: class 1 (see table)
  • Primer and top coat in one product. Hydroprim is the suitable interior and exterior primer for finishing coatings such as Libodur, Softmat, Libomat, Acrylon, Resacryl or Liboclean. Hydroprim is also used as a coloured top coat for indoor applications
  • Odourless
  • Can be coloured
  • Universal and excellent adhesion to old paint layers, mineral surfaces, wood, OSB, metallization, PVC and other plastics
  • Excellent hiding power
  • Soft mat

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