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Mixtane Roller Texture

Mixtane Roller Textur is a two-pack acrylic performing polyurethane for roller applications. Thanks to the presence of a small inert grain, a rougher surface is obtained. Thanks to the grain, an antislip effect is obtained.


1KG - 5KG

RAL colours

With texture grains

Different degrees of gloss

HACCP approved


  • Industry
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Machines
  • Floors
  • Lines and demarcation zones
  • Teared floor plates


  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Very good gloss and color retention
  • Very good scratch resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • High hardness, elasticity and abrasion resistance
  • Applicable in a HACCP environment (indirect food contact)
  • Adapted for roll application
  • Anti-slip effect
  • Mixtane Roller is available in high gloss (60 ° - 90 Gn), high satin (60 ° - 85 Gn), satin (60 ° - 70 Gn) and low satin (60 ° - 50 Gn)
  • Mixtane Roller Texture is available in high gloss and satin
  • Can be coloured (Libert, Mona, RAL, NCS, ...)


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