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Cryltane CF Finish

Cryltane CF Finish is a two component polyurethane coating used for facades on mineral substrates such as concrete, brick, cement, masonry, ...

Cryltane cf finish_4L


Base A

Gloss 60° - 40 Gn

HACCP approved



Villas, schools, houses, public buildings, walls of underground car parks, ...



Mineral surfaces, brick, cement, concrete, masonry, ...


  • High saponification and chemical resistance
  • Low permeability for carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by which early corrosion of reinforcing steel (carbonatation) is prevented
  • Very low water penetration
  • Sufficient water vapor permeability
  • Small adhering dirt
  • Easy to clean
  • Satin gloss (60 ° - 40 Gn)


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