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Facade renovation Blankenberge

Blankenberge - Belgium

A residence in Blankenberge recently received a total

facade renovation. Located right on the pier, the building

is constantly faced with extreme salinity in the air, hot

temperatures or stormy weather, seagull droppings that are

highly corrosive....

Bruno Stoffyn of Healthywall relied on Libert Paints’ paints

to tackle this job.

The result is definitely one to be proud of!

• Pretreatment: degrease the surface to be painted with

Libert Eco-Degreaser

• System:

Base coat: 1 coat Cryltane DTS 20 + Silane Additive

Final coat: 1 coat Mixtane Spray white high gloss

Used products

2 pack
Top coat
UV resistant
2 pack
Top coat
UV resistant

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